Fabrication is another area Hadham Engineering sets itself above the rest of the field.

The Company’s three multipurpose factory units designed for specific purpose host all the latest processing plant and facilities which enable us to keep a continuous production line. The multipurpose factories have the capabilities of producing not only small intricate architectural metalwork but also larger structural steel fabrications, aided by two purpose built overhead cranes. Spacious units allow plenty of storage capacity which is often needed for the large quantity of balconies processed. Glazing and carpentry sections make up specific areas as an addition to the various metalwork bays.

A well trained and fully certified workforce employs skills on various materials including stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel. Specific welding practices include TIG, MIG and MMA. The Company is also lucky to have full access to a localised galvanising plant and also a powder coating facility, though most general industry finishing practices are understood including shot blasting, hot zinc spray and priming.

High levels of training are supplied and updated regularly to meet the demands of contractors and architects. We have an experienced workforce constantly developing crafts skills to meet industry standards.

Attention to detail and high quality workmanship are distinct in all work the Company produces and employees pride themselves on the end product they produce.