hadham engineering our approach


Hadham Engineering is a full-service architectural and structural fabrication company which serves the private and public sectors handling projects in both residential and commercial fields.

The Company specialises in bespoke metalwork fabrication ranging from balconies, balustrades, railings and staircases to unique auxiliary and miscellaneous steelworks. All processes and levels of quality assurance used are consistent with industry standards and maintained throughout the services offered.

The Company is proud of not only the good relationships formed with main contractors, architects and engineers but also the quality of the products designed, manufactured and installed. Over the years investment and development in both personnel training and metalwork processes keep us evolving as a company and now employing over 75 employees Hadham Engineering’s achievements have opened up new opportunities in all sectors.

Having in place a full Health and Safety Policy and oversight from a prestigious H&S Consultant only promotes Hadham Engineering’s serious approach to providing quality products in a safe and controlled environment.

High quality products at cost effective solutions is just one of our goals in trying to develop customer relationships which is only echoed by the large amount of repeated custom.